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Friday, December 28, 2007

guilty as charged

I don't know why, but I always have mixed feelings about this time of year. I sat with my family on Christmas day and we gave God thanks for the meal and the gifts. I then pray for those who have little or less than little, and I'm overcome with a torrent of guilt that almosts sweeps my to tears. Compared with many I have little, and compared to billions I am rich. I guesss this truth touched me again and reminded me of the reality that many face - a little is a great blessing when you have nothing, and a lot is meaningless when you have much!

Then comes New Year with the pressure to change your life for the better. We've all made and broken resolutions. I always recommit myself to God at this time of year and I've found that in doing so I gain a fresher and stronger visoin of Jesus. This 'tradition' has become an important aspect of my 'religious calander' and I recommend us all to take time to be with God (even if it is just a few minutes before the bells!) and affirm our ardent desire to follow Jesus by loving God and loving others.

may your new year take you into new spiritual places with God, as well as take you practically into new situations that allow you to shine bright for Christ as you walk in life.

Happy New Year with blessings for 2008.

Friday, December 21, 2007

right or wrong place?

I was just thinking that I often think "where will I be in ten years time?", but I've never thought "Am I where I though I'd be ten years ago?"

It's funny how the future impacts us here and now, isn't it? As I look at where I wanted to be ten years ago, I'm amazed at how life's journey has taken a different twist.

I'm happily married. I have two brilliant, smart and funny kids that make me happy even when I'm tired and grumpy, and i'm being used by god in life. It's not how I imagined life yet I can see God's faithfulness as I've journeyed with Jesus.

Don't get me wrong - I've not got it right - I've made massive mistakes and I've hurt people close to me on the way. I'm trying my best to follow Jesus and to trust him.

My point is this - despite our mistakes and the fact that most of us are not in the place we expected to be...

...GOD IS FAITHFUL TO LEAD US AND STICK TO WITH US. Following on from this: We see part of the picture God has already painted for our lives (1 Cor 13 - verse near end of chapter!) but He sees it all - we don't try to work it all out. As we follow Jesus in simple faith he will lead us into places we don't expect. Some of them will be amazing and some of them will be difficult, but all of them will make us more like Jesus if we're simply looking to him. After all, He's the author and the finisher of our faith (Heb 12:1-3)

So wherever you are keep looking to Him. Don't live life with regret. Live life with gusto and simple faith in Christ. He does have a plan - even if we can't see how it will all work out.

Be blessed. Be faithful and be encouraged. God really is in control!

Blessings to you today!


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

joy in the journey

Today has been a funny old day. My motivation has been low and my heart has been happy. life is good and troubled at the same time. It amazes me that life can be many things all at the same time. Why isn't life all that we would want it to be. we all just want the perfect life or the best job or to retire or to have enough time to enjoy the relationships that matter. we can spend so much time wishing our dreams would come true. we spend so much time wishing our lives away!

And yet Jesus said "I have come that you may have life to the full".

are we to believe that he doesn't understand what we're going through? Becuase he really does know!

Are we to believe that he doesn't care about our dreams or even the mundane stuff we routinely have to be doing? Becuase he really does care!

The truth is that life to the full is all about following Jesus. His life was not 'perfect' - he was an itinerant preacher (imagine it!); he suffered misunderstandings from the religious leaders; he died on a cross after enduring immense pain! Our lives are easy compared to what Christ endured.

His was a life of sacrifice and yet he could still promise us life to the full. The secret was that he stayed close to God the father. We journey as followers of jesus into the very presence of God. God's Kingdom enters our lives through that relationship with Jesus. That doesn't mean life will be simple or our dreams will all come true - but it does mean that God is with us in all that we are going through.

I love that even in my struggles God brings happiness into my heart. It's a perk of the journey with Christ I'm sure.

Happy travelling


Following Jesus is an adventure!! Oh yes, and adventures are fabulous...

...to watch!

But participating in an adventure is a whole different ball-game. you see, to be in an adventure is to experience the exhileration of the highs and to know implicitly to lows as well.

Too many of us Christians have preached and been told that following Jesus is the adventure of a lifetime that will transforn our lkives so that we will ne 'set free' from anything that's negative. This message sounds great - it's good news - but it's not the message Jesus taught. One only has to look at the gospels to see that Jesus taught a hard gospel.

"Take up your cross and follow me"
"In this life you will face hardships"
"Count the cost"

These are just a few examples of Jesus' claim that following him would not be easy. Read Paul's account of his life. for the sake of the Gospel he was beaten, shipwrecked, attacked by bandits, forsaken by other believers, imprisoned, martyred! The bible does not teach that a life of faith in Jesus Christ will be easy, but it does say that it is possible. Following jesus takes guts, perseverance and character - a character that he builds within us on the way.

Are you experiencing the rugged side of following Jesus? Fix your eyes on him. Are you tired and burdened? Throw your burdens on him. He's with you now. He see your struggles and he's cheering you on. Run the race with perseverance and see the prise of knowing him more now and being with him in eternity. So, fix your eyres on Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of your faith. He's with you leading, guiding and working to see you finish following well.

Blessings in Christ to you all.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


I jotted down a silly poem about smiles. Here it is:

smiles go for miles
and they stretch from ear to ear.
they wipe away the worries
and wash away the fear.

If your smile is lovely
it will brighten up the day;
but if it's slightly freaky
it will make us run away!!

Make someone smile today


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

simple and hard

I was reminded today that following Jesus is not always an easy thing to do. As you read through the gospels and take in the things Jesus said you see that they are very simple requests:

Love your neighbour
love your enemy
follow me
bless those who persecute you
preach the good news

These are not hard to understand, but they can be hard to live out - How do you follow someone you can't even see? How can you love when you are emotionally ship-wrecked? How can you love when you feel like hating? How do you bless when you don't feel blessed?

Following Jesus sounds simple, but can be very hard. we're asked even by Christ to 'count the cost' and to 'take up our cross'. There are amazing times when it's all sunshine and smiles and times when we feel like we're trudging for miles in the slough of despondancy. It takes faith to take this jouney of following Jesus. Faith hopes for what it does not see and helps us carry what we cannot bear. Faith unites us with Christ who says 'come to me all of you who are tired and heavy-laden'.

Does following Jesus seem hard? simply put, have faith and keep on. It's simple, it's hard and it takes faith. He never said it would be easy, but we'll get there with his help. We might be following him, but in a mystical way...
...he's also walking with us.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sometimes...and wait


...we feel weak and insignificant
...we are lost and need direction
...we are poor and needy

...God uses the weak and insignificant to confound the 'strong'
...God uses our loss of direction to direct us in his ways
...God meets our needs to show we are rich in Him

Life is a strange mixture of highs and lows. I have mine and you, no doubt, have yours! Yet God has this amazing habit of meeting us in those times. When we are weak, lost and poor we tend to call out "GOD HELP!!" and it's then that we can feel his presence with us.

Sometimes we need to struggle to find God. I don't understand much about life but I know that God meets us in our needs. He doesn't always do what we want. In fact, my experience is that God doesn't always meet my needs, but he does always meet with me in my needs. Perhaps the truth is that he's always there for us and we're way too busy to sense him there.

those that WAIT upon the Lord shall find renewed strength
(Isaiah 40:31)

To wait upon God is to seek his face. When we do this we get the added bonus of being blessed with his strength. Strength to carry on. Strength to love our neighbours. Strength to keep on keeping on following Jesus. God knows we need that strength!!

Why not stop right now. Breathe in his presence, whisper his name, and simply wait.

Right now. Right here. Wait...

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

hard times require hard - huh?!

Life is made of ups and downs. The question is Will we follow Jesus when life throws a wobbly?

My experiences have shown me that life is not always sunshine and smiles. It can be darkness and worry-lines across our brows. So how do we follow Jesus in these times? A look at the garden of Gethsemene shows us an important principle:

Jesus is having his 'dark night of the soul' and is at the pub drowning out his reality. No no no!!! He is in the garden calling out to God in prayer. He pours his anguished heart out to God while his disciples are sleeping their worries away (knowing now he may die).

Life is hard sometimes and Jesus shows us in the garden that we need to be staying close to our heavenly father during such times. The apostle Paul encourages us in Philippians 4:6-7,

Do not be worried about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition present your requests to God with thanksgiving

he goes on to tell us that,

the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

In dark and hard times hold on. Look to your heavenly father through prayer. call out to him until His prefect peace fills your heart. It's not easy, but neither is taking up a cross. Jesus has walked the path you now tread - follow him through your valleys as well as onto the mountain tops.

every blessing in Christ with peace to you.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Love your neighbour (2)

So we're meant to be loving our neighbour. Sounds simple, but when we get to the nitty gritty it's a huge request. I love that Jesus didn't illustrate how to do this by showing us how to change the world massively - he shares the story of one human being helping another human being.

What can you do today to help one other human being? (take a moment to think about it and then reslove in your heart to go and do it)

As lots of individuals do something selfless for another human being the love of god is practically shown to many people - in that way our little bit makes a huge difference globally. Love is a shared thing - there's no such thing as unshared love! We got to give it away every day.

Love your neighbour as you love yourself - walk in other people's shoes and meet their needs accordingly. It's simple, but it might not be easy. Trust that as you follow Jesus he will show you the people you are called to draw alongside.

Have fun being loving!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Love others (1)

I've been thinking recently about what it might look like if we were to really love others. I'm not sure I'm even close to seeing this as God sees it and the view from the bottom of the mountain looks hazy, but here's what it might mean for us:

Jesus tells us to love our neighbours as we love ourselves. He really means that! In the West we really love ourselves (although it may be at a superficial level!!) - we make sure we eat. We make sure we have clean water. We make sure we wear the 'right' clothes (one's that look good; make us fit in; present an image; have the right brand; avoid brands; etc.). We have enough technology to kill R2D2 stone dead with confusion. We have great holidays. We're rarely alone (although, did you know there are lonely people in every crowd - so, who's in your crowd?).

What if we decided to do that for someone else? What if we sacrificed what we need to provide for someone else's needs? What if we gave all our disposable income to a charity that would supply people with clean water for that month? What if we didn't buy a new CD each month and supported an African child's education instead? (look at www.compassionuk.org) Sound's good, doesn't it?! Yet the reality is, we face these choices every day and don't make the right one - we keep feeding ourselves the luxuries that will one day stifle us.

Loving our neighbour as we love ourselves is not an easy lifestyle to choose, but the benefits for others could potentially be MASSIVE. Let's encourage one another to make loving choices about loving others, and in the process share the life that Jesus died to give us all.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

on the mountain

Looking down from my vantage point I could see Glencoe stretching out before me. As I slowly turned, taking in the grandeur, I gazed upon the beauty of Glen Etive, watching the rain make it's way towards me. I await that time of refreshing. It was a beautiful moment it would have been perfect if it was forever.

Years later I'm in the town. Life passes by with such a torrent that I'm never sure how long I can stop before I'm feeling swamped again. I think back to that mountain-top experience, and the peacefulness of that time envelopes me once again.

From the mountain-top the ascent has been overcome and all other mountains look like molehills in the distance. I reflect on that thought now and it stirs me to see things from God's perspective again. He lives on the mountain, inviting us to sit with him in heavenly places. I'm reminded that he is always with me, and that if he is for me then I can rest in his peace during the storm.

May his rest and peace be with us all as we climb our personal mountains.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Revolution to the max

REVOLUTION: A complete turn-around. An overthrow of one system in place of another. To go round and round in circles.

These are just a few ways we can use the word 'revolution'. I wonder how we would apply it to our faith lives? I love the second definition - it tells us something of what God seeks to do in our lives:

To stop worshipping other stuff above God and to make Christ the object of all our worship and affection! I was at soul survivor this summer and was so encouraged to see young people from my Church losing themselves in worshipping God - laying aside all pride to cry out in adoration and awe of him who made us. It was awesome and moving and beautiful.

To live as 'people of the bible' rather than being moved by cultural trends and political correctness. To hold out the word of truth and speak up for God, for justice and for what's right. Don't just read it - live it!!

To love our fellow human beings like we love ourselves (and you got to admit we're pretty self-indulgent!) - to go the extra mile and serve others. To love enough to pray and then pray some more. To love enough to challenge. To love enough to connect - really connect - with people. To give people the gift of presence.

What does your revolution look like? Is your heart being transformed into the likeness of Christ? Does it beat with the love of God and weeping for the lost? Are your resources being used to extend the kingdom of God rather than building the altar of self?

Let's not just talk about revolution - let's live the revolution!! Let's take a stand for the stuff God is standing for. Let's take our lead from the greatest revolutionary leader there ever was or will be - Jesus Christ.

Let's follow Jesus, love God and love others - if we could do this consistantly we'd really be living the revolution.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Today I'm full of 'angst'. No, I'm not reverting to being a teenager (fun as that would be!): I'm frustrated that life continues and the Church generally stops and has a picnic while people are falling apart and crying out for the love of God (although they often can't articulate that's their need!).

I found myself walking this morning and I was trying to pray for my Church and my town. I coulod not articulate the words I felt in my spirit. All I could pray was "RRRRRghhhh!!!" Not a brilliant prayer I must admit, but I just felt that words are not enough. Could it be that this is the Lord's prayer for his Church today? Indeed, the Spirit groans in prayer on behalf of the Church (read Romans 8).

I commited my life to god 15 years ago (I'd been in Church much longer than that, but it was then that the proverbial penny dropped!) and i told god I would do anything for him (he deserves no less!). My heart yearnns and longs with love to see the Church arise with power - to be a revolutionary force in the community, town and world.

A spiritual revolution will only come through spiritual angst. May God fill our hearts with prayers that are felt rather than uttered. May God stir us up to take the sword of the spirit and boldly proclaim it without fear of offense. May god fire us up with the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. May we throw ourselves on the most revolutionary god-man that ever was. May we follow Jesus into righteous revolution!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Put out into deep water

I seem to be continually challenged about not settling for the depth of relationship with God that I have, so when I read Luke 5 last night it was perhaps not surprising that I sensed God drawing me to this phrase:

"Put out into deep water"

Are we willing to follow Jesus' advice to 'go deeper' with Him?

Although this passage doesn't explicitly relate to our walk with God, it is a direct call for the disciples (and therefore, us!) to follow Him. Jesus has just finished teaching the crowds the 'word of God' (there's a great place to begin digging deeper into God!) and he turns to the fishermen and tells them how to do their job.

As I thought about that I wondered how we would feel if Jesus started to tell us how to live our lives. Yet that's exactly what he wants to do - he wants to show us how we can live more fruitful, fulfilling lives by doing things his way. He wants to be your life coach. He wants to be your spiritual director. He wants to at the helm of the boat that is your life.

Surprisingly, the fishermen do his bidding and are amazed and humbled at the result. The text tells us that they became followers of Jesus that day -that was the important result (rather than the number of fish caught!). This passage challenges me, and I hope it does you too (Luke 5:1-11).

Are we willing to leave our safe shores to "put out into deep water" so that Jesus can direct, humble and amaze us into being closer followers of Jesus?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Climb A tree

I've been reading Luke 19:1-10 this week and I was struck by a phrase in the text. It is in verse 4 and it tells us that Zacchaeus (the tiny tax dude!) was 'seeking for Jesus' but that he could not see him becuase of the crowd. That really got my brain spinning round!

Firstly, are we actually seeking Jesus - you don't usually find what you're not looking for!

Secondly, what are the crowds in our lives? Is work our 'crowd' - too busy for Jesus? Is blogging our crowd - too busy with our thoughts for Jesus' words. Is myspace our crowd - too busy connecting with friends to connect with the Son of God who is the friend of sinners.

Thirdly, what will we do to escape the crowds and start searching seriously for Jesus? Zacchaeus actually climbed a tree!! The Message translation tells us he was 'desperate to see Jesus' - I believe he was! Are we willing to do whatever it takes to connect with Jesus.

He's always passing by, seeking for us (v10) - let's desperately seek after him.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Who am I?

After 33 years you would think that I know the answer. The truth is we can only know who we are in the same measure as we know who God is. I've been greatly encouraged today with the truth that God is my heavenly Father - I know it's a simple truth, but sometimes the simple things are hardest to get hold of.

This ties in with the truth that "I am his beloved son, in whom he is well pleased". I am God's kid and his love is perfect even though I am not. Let that sink in about you:

You are God's kid and he loves you perfectly even though you are not perfect!!

That's amazing grace!

I've been listening to a band called "Casting Crowns" - I'll leave you with words from one of their songs.

Not because of who I am
But because of what You've done
Not because of what I've done
But because of who You are

I am a flower quickly fading
Here today and gone tomorrow
A wave tossed in the ocean
Vapor in the wind
Still You hear me when I'm calling
Lord, You catch me when I'm falling
And You've told me who I am
I am Yours, I am Yours

Monday, July 16, 2007

Rockin' or Radical? You decide!

Reading 'the good samaritan' last week I was struck by the contrast between the 'religious' ones and the samaritan. a lady I know shared with me her opinion that much of the Church has a 'rocking chair mentality'. I began thinking about this, and on Sunday was privlidged enough to preach on it. the following is the bare bones of that talk.

Rocking chair christians SIT in the comfort of their pew expecting everyone else to get on with helping others.

Radical Christians SERVE where they are and GO out to those that need help.

Rocking Chair christians are SELFISH - they consume rather than serve. they aren't concerned with the needs of others. they don't love others - they just love to rock gently!

Radical Christians SACRIFICE everything to love God and others - the samaritan gave his wine, oil, time, donkey, money and reputation to help the wounded man! He dropped his own agenda to help the needy!

Rocking Chair christians are SOUL-LESS - they don't care about others enough to get out of their chair let alone their religious bubble.

Radical Christians see the need for SALVATION and will seek and save the lost whatever the cost. The samaritan saved the life of the wounded man.

Rocking Chair christians SEE God's words and seek to justify themselves like the religious scholar.

Radical Christians SUBMIT to God's word and let it mould them in Christlikeness.

Rocking or radical - where do you see yourself right now?

Stop rocking and start walking - what did Jesus tell us to do at the end of the samaritan story? He said, "Now you go and do the same".

Let's go.

(for a more accurate telling of the Samaritan story read Luke 10:25-37 (the Bible)

Friday, June 29, 2007

Don't Quit

Ever have a bad week - me too. Me three. Me lots!

I'm burdened - by my own stupidity and the weight of living alongside others. yet in burden there is opportunity to let someone share the load.

Come to me, all who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest - Jesus said that, so it must be true - Don't give up: let him partner with you under his yoke.

Simply trusting...

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Filled and being filled?

Are we already filled or do we need to be filled with the holy spirit?

I believe that we are all filled with the Holy Spirit at conversion. There is also the same desire at various other points in our faith lives. So, yes, we are filled with the Holy Spirit.

Yet at the same time we have the word of Paul to the Church in Ephesians 5:18: “Be filled with the Holy Spirit”. Paul was writing to Christian believers. The tense used here is present-future – meaning that Paul is saying be NOW filled with the Holy Spirit and KEEP ON being filled.

In my prayer life I am seeking to be filled with as much of God’s Spirit as possible, because I see that the more I allow the Holy Spirit to fill my life, the closer I will be in my walk with God through his son Jesus Christ.

Take time today to seeek for a fresh in-filling of the Holy Spirit so that you are growing ever closer to Father God.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

reveal & conceal

Having not blogged for a while my head is spinning with thoughts. I read a FAB passage from Matthew 11:25-30 that gave me a thought.

25At that time Jesus declared, "I thank you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that you have hidden these things from the wise and understanding and revealed them to little children; 26yes, Father, for such was your gracious will.[g] 27All things have been handed over to me by my Father, and no one knows the Son except the Father, and no one knows the Father except the Son and anyone to whom the Son chooses to reveal him. 28Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. 29Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light."

Jesus prays to his Father (our glorious God!) thanking him for revealing and concealing stuff from various groups - concealing from those that think themselves to be clever, while revealing to those that are childlike.

In our faith we need simple childlike trust in our heavenly father - after all we are HIS children. Why not take a moment today - now - to drop all charades and masks and simply be the Father's Child? To lay every heavy load and burden at his doorstep and enjoy the rest he provides. Don't keep walking in heaviness - partner with Christ through life and experience the lightness of his burden - it's lighter than ours because he's with us!

He will give us rest.

He will teach us.

He will give you rest (stated twice just in case we're not sure it's true)

Who will? He will. And that's a promise!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Breaking through

I've been haunted by a spectre. It's one that eludes me and is always near. It's the spectre of numbers. When was the last time you heard somebody in Church talking about 'how many' came to a meeting? Or how about phrases like, 'we're down/up on attendance compared with last year'? I hear stuff like this all the time. Go into any meeting of youth workers or ministers and very quickly the number crunching begins - we're fascinated by them because we see numbers as the main evidence of failure or sucess in our ministry.

Something about these conversations has always made me feel uncomfortable and I'm normally to be seen side-stepping the question in one way or another (normally by being sinfully super-spiritual!!). Well yesterday I had a revelation - rather, read a revelation!

The kingdom of God is not about numbers - it's about God working through His Church in a broken world to bring healing and restoration. How would it be if we stopped tlking about numbers and just allowed the Spirit and word of God to move in our lives and our congregations?

Imagine if God really turned up and began to heal our hurts and infuse our worship. Imagine if we were so touched by the love of God that it actually 'moved' us to love our neighbour rather than just talking about loving our neighbour. Imagine if we wanted to hear God's word so badly that we wouldn't leave the Church building until we were satisfied, and even then talked about it all the time. Imagine what would happen if I consistently displayed the fruit of the Spirit in my relationships. Imagine if we stopped to listen to those around us, and to respond with compassion.

People would then be touched by the kingdom of God - the kingdom would be breaking through into the reality of life around us. This is following Jesus. This is loving God. This is loving others. Will we let God's kingdom come in us? His kingdom is coming in the world - will we let it come into our lives?

Sunday, March 25, 2007


An architect designs a grand building. He draws the plans, rolls them out on a rough wooden table in the middle of a muddy field, and then begins making bricks. He makes a brick and lays it on the ground. He makes another and places it beside the first. This continues until a wall is begun.

What is wrong with this picture?

You got it... the architect is involved in the building of his masterpiece, but he does not do it alone.

Jesus said to Peter, "...you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it."

Jesus is the architect of the Church - the Church is his building project, not ours. Youth ministry belongs to God, not us. But he does say to Peter that he will build the Church using him. Peter has just declared that Jesus is truly the son of God, and Jesus tells him he will build the Church on that truth.

But even more, Jesus uses those of us that will confess Jesus is the son of God to the glory of God the Father. He wants to use us. In fact at one point he said "the harvest is plentiful, the workers are few". We are his workers. We are his co-builders.

Will we commit our lives to building the Church of Christ with our confession of him, and our service to him? May we build the kingdom to the glory of God the father.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

So Much More

Recently I was in Whitby with my family. As we chatted we enjoyed space and time and we looked out to the horizon. It struck my wife that there is always so much more to see than what our eyes see in the horizon.

I thought about that as the next few hours passed by.

There is so much more.

These words hung in my mind, haunting me with their mystery.

There is so much more.

There is so much more.

Our horizon
I'm thinking about the horizon. And I'm thinking about how far the world stretches beyond it. And as I think I realise something. There is so much more to God. We think we have him labelled. We think we know Him. We believe we understand him. And I realise we are wrong. There is so much more to God. We've settled for a God as big as a harbour when he is bigger than the oceans.

The Bible says of God,

"Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised, and his greatness is unsearchable"

How big is God? Huge! He’s bigger than we can ever know. We cannot confine him or define him. We cannot think all there is to think about him or know all there is to know about him - but we can journey into him to know him better.

Are we content with our knowledge and experience of God? Can I encourage us to leave the safety of our ‘harbour thinking’ and adventure into the horizon with God? I am longing for so much more of God. I am discontent to be where I am in God. I want him more - so much more. I cannot contain him with my peanut brain. I am longing to travel with God into the unknown so that I can know him more.

The horizon is only the beginning. It's the first step in the journey. At the end of that horizon where we know God that bit better, we are bound to see that the horizon is still ahead of us - there is so much more and there always will be, but the journey to the end of the horizon will teach us amazing things about God as we grow in our knowledge and experience of him.

Dream. Pray. Ask. Seek. Knock. God will reveal himself in the so much more as we journey into him.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


My wife and I slept so badly last night so today we are tired and grumpy. Not a brilliant way to start a blog - I know. Not very encouraging - I know. Not very interesting - I know!

But it got me thinking about what makes me tired. I am tired. But it's not just the lack of sleep. I'm tired of the status quo. I'm tired of going through the spiritual motions just so theat I can feel good about my faith, yet attaining little for the kingdom of God. I want something more! How about you?

I was playing guitar and screeching like a cat the other day and I began singing a Matt Redman song I know from about ten years ago. The words went:

We will give ourselves no rest
till your kingdom comes on earth;
you've positioned watchmen on the walls.
Now our prayers will flow like tears,
for you've shaed your heart with us;
God of heaven, on our knees we fall.

As I sang the song I began to feel restless for God's kingdom to come here on earth as in heaven. Can you feel that restlesness within you? You know there is so much more that God wants to do through his Church in his world. I'm convinced that God does not want us to settle for the status quo. There are thousands in our home towns that are lost without hope and without God. They need Christ's help. They need a Church that rises in the power of the Spirit with healing in her wings. They need to hear God's word preached passionately and with power. They need God's kingdom to be proclaimed as it was in the apostle's day.

God chose us to be his messengers of hope to a hurting world. We should be restless to see God bring that hope through us.

May our restlessness give way to prayer that cries out for God to move in power. And may we draw strength and courage from his word to hold onto the promise of the coming kingdom. May we be restless enough to go into all the world with Christ's hope.

Lord let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I love to be enthused about something that really counts. I am especially enthusiastic about loving God and sharing that with others. In fact I've been accused at times of being too enthusiastic (as if that were possible!). I am convinced that as followers of Jesus we should be enthusiastic about loving God and loving others. We should be enthusiastic about seeking his face and understanding his word. We should be enthusiastic about sharing Christ Jesus with others. Enthusiasm is often mistaken for the shallowness of 'youthful zeal'. I'm at the stage of life that I am not sure I can really be called 'youthful' yet my 'enthusiasm' for God is not waning - rather it is growing the more I get to know God and grow in my understanding of his word.

So what is enthusiasm?

Webster's dictionary (1913 edition) gives the following definition:
Enthusiasm \En*thu"si*asm\, n. [Gr. ?, fr. ? to be inspired or
possessed by the god

There's a definition I can go for! When we are inspired by God and our lives belong to him we should naturally be enthused about all that he is and does. Perhaps the problem is not that some of us are enthusiastic, but rather most of us are unenthusiastic!

What are we to be enthusiastic about?

God. Think about it - he's the living creator of the universe; he holds the world in his hands; he's phenomonal; he's unconditionally loving; he's utterly uncontolable; he's indisposable; he's magnificently merciful; he's indescribable; he's all of this and so much more. Why should we not be enthusiastic about loving this God who has moved hell and high-water to be in loving relationship with us? - who sent his only son to the cross to die in our place! Why should we not be excited to speak of him? Why should we try to hide our admiration and adoration of him?

If the bible is true (and it is!) we have so much to be enthusiastic about. May we follow Jesus, love God and love others, with all the depth of devotion and enthusiasm that we possibly can.

Every blessing in Jesus

Monday, March 12, 2007

the need to pray

seems obvious to say it but we need to be praying. I'm working really hard at my youth work stuff - speaking, preaching, making a fool of myself for Christ, chatting, sharing, working, worshipping...

...it can be tiring as well as exciting stuff (and it's very exciting!). Yet, I see the real need is not for more activity or excitement - it's to be where God is. It's to be seeking his face rather than his blessing. It's to be quiet...listening...learning from the wisest in the universe. To be with God...in relational prayer.

In Exodus 3 Moses has the most exciting meeting with the living God. It both excites and terrifies him (God can be like that! youth work can be like that!), but then God began to share the burden of his heart with Moses. He told of a people crying out for freedom. How we need to listen to our father's heart to hear his concern for those crying out for spiritual and physical freedom. How we need our hearts to be broken for God.

Then our work will have purpose - because God will show us the needs and...ask us to help. He will show us what TO DO. Our doing must be preceded by waiting and listening to God.

May we wait upon the Lord so that he will show us the stuff he wants done - then we will speak, preach, making fools of ourselves for Christ, chat, share, work and worship AS UNTO GOD. And I'm sure we will love doing it!!

Let's pray...

Monday, February 5, 2007

I wanna get out of here!!!

I was in Church the other day and I was so bored. I should have known to run out when I heard the first song - we sing it EVERY week and it drives me crazy! Do you ever have those moments when you are sure that this is not planet earth, but rather that you've been cast into infernal hell?! It was one of those moments. I know... I should have cut and run - got as far away from that place as possible - but I couldn't... I work for the Church.

Anyway, we've gone through chorus hell and are ready to sit down, when this three year old kid verbalises very vocally (he shouts with no shame!) "I WANNA GET OUT OF HERE!!!" I could've laughed as on the inside I imagined myself screaming back at him, "SO DO I!!"

But Church shouldn't be like that - I should never be bored with meeting with God. And that makes me want to question two things:

1. My attitude
2. The Churche's relevance

First, my attitude. I need to ask myself frequently, "is my attitude to Church a right attitude?"

Do we go to Church to give God praise, or to 'have a great time'? I think it should be both, but we need to be going to Church expecting to give God praise - after all, we worship for his benefit, not ours!

Tied in with this question is the idea of expecting to hear from God when we go to Church. When I go to Church am I asking God to speak to me (even through the familiar!)?

Then there's the second question I have - the Church's relevance. I'm convinced that Church should be, and can be, relevant to us all. I'm sure of this because worshipping God is a relevant discipline for every believer. Also because the truths of God shown in scripture are intentionally relevant to every human being.

I think the Church in Britian generally speaking needs a quick kick in the butt to become more relevant (especially to teens!). We're so busy trying to maintain the status quo that we're missing the fact that that the world is a fast-paced and changing place (not to mention the fact that every moment we waste millions slip into a lost eternity!). I don't think we should be adpoting every idea from 'the world' but we could use the creativity God has given us to reflect our worship back to him!

Let's start with a basic characteristic - JOY - let our Churches be joy-filled places where we are encouraged to reach out more to God and to others. Or another attribute - BE LOVING - show acceptance and welcome strangers as old friends. The early Church father Tertullian was struck by the Churches' love - If God is love let him fill every member to flood-point so that our Chuches are bursting with love, concern and compassion for all people. Love God and love your neighbour - if we are truly Christians we would do this. It's not that God can't or won't do it - rather that we don't let him in! WE ONLY DO WHAT WE TRULY BELIEVE. What would observers think we believe from our services?

I love the Church. I desire to see us being all that God wants us to be - full of his fruit that is the evidence of his being in our hearts faith commnuities and our hearts.

So, my attitude - go and be the difference as God does his work of changing my heart (cos that's part of his church!). In seeing the Church's faults I'm really seeing my faults so perhaps it's me that needs the spiritual kick in the butt. Think I'll go read 1 John now.