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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Climb A tree

I've been reading Luke 19:1-10 this week and I was struck by a phrase in the text. It is in verse 4 and it tells us that Zacchaeus (the tiny tax dude!) was 'seeking for Jesus' but that he could not see him becuase of the crowd. That really got my brain spinning round!

Firstly, are we actually seeking Jesus - you don't usually find what you're not looking for!

Secondly, what are the crowds in our lives? Is work our 'crowd' - too busy for Jesus? Is blogging our crowd - too busy with our thoughts for Jesus' words. Is myspace our crowd - too busy connecting with friends to connect with the Son of God who is the friend of sinners.

Thirdly, what will we do to escape the crowds and start searching seriously for Jesus? Zacchaeus actually climbed a tree!! The Message translation tells us he was 'desperate to see Jesus' - I believe he was! Are we willing to do whatever it takes to connect with Jesus.

He's always passing by, seeking for us (v10) - let's desperately seek after him.

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