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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Revolution to the max

REVOLUTION: A complete turn-around. An overthrow of one system in place of another. To go round and round in circles.

These are just a few ways we can use the word 'revolution'. I wonder how we would apply it to our faith lives? I love the second definition - it tells us something of what God seeks to do in our lives:

To stop worshipping other stuff above God and to make Christ the object of all our worship and affection! I was at soul survivor this summer and was so encouraged to see young people from my Church losing themselves in worshipping God - laying aside all pride to cry out in adoration and awe of him who made us. It was awesome and moving and beautiful.

To live as 'people of the bible' rather than being moved by cultural trends and political correctness. To hold out the word of truth and speak up for God, for justice and for what's right. Don't just read it - live it!!

To love our fellow human beings like we love ourselves (and you got to admit we're pretty self-indulgent!) - to go the extra mile and serve others. To love enough to pray and then pray some more. To love enough to challenge. To love enough to connect - really connect - with people. To give people the gift of presence.

What does your revolution look like? Is your heart being transformed into the likeness of Christ? Does it beat with the love of God and weeping for the lost? Are your resources being used to extend the kingdom of God rather than building the altar of self?

Let's not just talk about revolution - let's live the revolution!! Let's take a stand for the stuff God is standing for. Let's take our lead from the greatest revolutionary leader there ever was or will be - Jesus Christ.

Let's follow Jesus, love God and love others - if we could do this consistantly we'd really be living the revolution.

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