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Monday, March 12, 2007

the need to pray

seems obvious to say it but we need to be praying. I'm working really hard at my youth work stuff - speaking, preaching, making a fool of myself for Christ, chatting, sharing, working, worshipping...

...it can be tiring as well as exciting stuff (and it's very exciting!). Yet, I see the real need is not for more activity or excitement - it's to be where God is. It's to be seeking his face rather than his blessing. It's to be quiet...listening...learning from the wisest in the universe. To be with God...in relational prayer.

In Exodus 3 Moses has the most exciting meeting with the living God. It both excites and terrifies him (God can be like that! youth work can be like that!), but then God began to share the burden of his heart with Moses. He told of a people crying out for freedom. How we need to listen to our father's heart to hear his concern for those crying out for spiritual and physical freedom. How we need our hearts to be broken for God.

Then our work will have purpose - because God will show us the needs and...ask us to help. He will show us what TO DO. Our doing must be preceded by waiting and listening to God.

May we wait upon the Lord so that he will show us the stuff he wants done - then we will speak, preach, making fools of ourselves for Christ, chat, share, work and worship AS UNTO GOD. And I'm sure we will love doing it!!

Let's pray...

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