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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I love to be enthused about something that really counts. I am especially enthusiastic about loving God and sharing that with others. In fact I've been accused at times of being too enthusiastic (as if that were possible!). I am convinced that as followers of Jesus we should be enthusiastic about loving God and loving others. We should be enthusiastic about seeking his face and understanding his word. We should be enthusiastic about sharing Christ Jesus with others. Enthusiasm is often mistaken for the shallowness of 'youthful zeal'. I'm at the stage of life that I am not sure I can really be called 'youthful' yet my 'enthusiasm' for God is not waning - rather it is growing the more I get to know God and grow in my understanding of his word.

So what is enthusiasm?

Webster's dictionary (1913 edition) gives the following definition:
Enthusiasm \En*thu"si*asm\, n. [Gr. ?, fr. ? to be inspired or
possessed by the god

There's a definition I can go for! When we are inspired by God and our lives belong to him we should naturally be enthused about all that he is and does. Perhaps the problem is not that some of us are enthusiastic, but rather most of us are unenthusiastic!

What are we to be enthusiastic about?

God. Think about it - he's the living creator of the universe; he holds the world in his hands; he's phenomonal; he's unconditionally loving; he's utterly uncontolable; he's indisposable; he's magnificently merciful; he's indescribable; he's all of this and so much more. Why should we not be enthusiastic about loving this God who has moved hell and high-water to be in loving relationship with us? - who sent his only son to the cross to die in our place! Why should we not be excited to speak of him? Why should we try to hide our admiration and adoration of him?

If the bible is true (and it is!) we have so much to be enthusiastic about. May we follow Jesus, love God and love others, with all the depth of devotion and enthusiasm that we possibly can.

Every blessing in Jesus

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