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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

joy in the journey

Today has been a funny old day. My motivation has been low and my heart has been happy. life is good and troubled at the same time. It amazes me that life can be many things all at the same time. Why isn't life all that we would want it to be. we all just want the perfect life or the best job or to retire or to have enough time to enjoy the relationships that matter. we can spend so much time wishing our dreams would come true. we spend so much time wishing our lives away!

And yet Jesus said "I have come that you may have life to the full".

are we to believe that he doesn't understand what we're going through? Becuase he really does know!

Are we to believe that he doesn't care about our dreams or even the mundane stuff we routinely have to be doing? Becuase he really does care!

The truth is that life to the full is all about following Jesus. His life was not 'perfect' - he was an itinerant preacher (imagine it!); he suffered misunderstandings from the religious leaders; he died on a cross after enduring immense pain! Our lives are easy compared to what Christ endured.

His was a life of sacrifice and yet he could still promise us life to the full. The secret was that he stayed close to God the father. We journey as followers of jesus into the very presence of God. God's Kingdom enters our lives through that relationship with Jesus. That doesn't mean life will be simple or our dreams will all come true - but it does mean that God is with us in all that we are going through.

I love that even in my struggles God brings happiness into my heart. It's a perk of the journey with Christ I'm sure.

Happy travelling

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Bobby Sparks said...

I like the way you emphasize Jesus,keep up the good work...pilgrim!