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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sometimes...and wait


...we feel weak and insignificant
...we are lost and need direction
...we are poor and needy

...God uses the weak and insignificant to confound the 'strong'
...God uses our loss of direction to direct us in his ways
...God meets our needs to show we are rich in Him

Life is a strange mixture of highs and lows. I have mine and you, no doubt, have yours! Yet God has this amazing habit of meeting us in those times. When we are weak, lost and poor we tend to call out "GOD HELP!!" and it's then that we can feel his presence with us.

Sometimes we need to struggle to find God. I don't understand much about life but I know that God meets us in our needs. He doesn't always do what we want. In fact, my experience is that God doesn't always meet my needs, but he does always meet with me in my needs. Perhaps the truth is that he's always there for us and we're way too busy to sense him there.

those that WAIT upon the Lord shall find renewed strength
(Isaiah 40:31)

To wait upon God is to seek his face. When we do this we get the added bonus of being blessed with his strength. Strength to carry on. Strength to love our neighbours. Strength to keep on keeping on following Jesus. God knows we need that strength!!

Why not stop right now. Breathe in his presence, whisper his name, and simply wait.

Right now. Right here. Wait...

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