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Monday, July 16, 2007

Rockin' or Radical? You decide!

Reading 'the good samaritan' last week I was struck by the contrast between the 'religious' ones and the samaritan. a lady I know shared with me her opinion that much of the Church has a 'rocking chair mentality'. I began thinking about this, and on Sunday was privlidged enough to preach on it. the following is the bare bones of that talk.

Rocking chair christians SIT in the comfort of their pew expecting everyone else to get on with helping others.

Radical Christians SERVE where they are and GO out to those that need help.

Rocking Chair christians are SELFISH - they consume rather than serve. they aren't concerned with the needs of others. they don't love others - they just love to rock gently!

Radical Christians SACRIFICE everything to love God and others - the samaritan gave his wine, oil, time, donkey, money and reputation to help the wounded man! He dropped his own agenda to help the needy!

Rocking Chair christians are SOUL-LESS - they don't care about others enough to get out of their chair let alone their religious bubble.

Radical Christians see the need for SALVATION and will seek and save the lost whatever the cost. The samaritan saved the life of the wounded man.

Rocking Chair christians SEE God's words and seek to justify themselves like the religious scholar.

Radical Christians SUBMIT to God's word and let it mould them in Christlikeness.

Rocking or radical - where do you see yourself right now?

Stop rocking and start walking - what did Jesus tell us to do at the end of the samaritan story? He said, "Now you go and do the same".

Let's go.

(for a more accurate telling of the Samaritan story read Luke 10:25-37 (the Bible)

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