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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Put out into deep water

I seem to be continually challenged about not settling for the depth of relationship with God that I have, so when I read Luke 5 last night it was perhaps not surprising that I sensed God drawing me to this phrase:

"Put out into deep water"

Are we willing to follow Jesus' advice to 'go deeper' with Him?

Although this passage doesn't explicitly relate to our walk with God, it is a direct call for the disciples (and therefore, us!) to follow Him. Jesus has just finished teaching the crowds the 'word of God' (there's a great place to begin digging deeper into God!) and he turns to the fishermen and tells them how to do their job.

As I thought about that I wondered how we would feel if Jesus started to tell us how to live our lives. Yet that's exactly what he wants to do - he wants to show us how we can live more fruitful, fulfilling lives by doing things his way. He wants to be your life coach. He wants to be your spiritual director. He wants to at the helm of the boat that is your life.

Surprisingly, the fishermen do his bidding and are amazed and humbled at the result. The text tells us that they became followers of Jesus that day -that was the important result (rather than the number of fish caught!). This passage challenges me, and I hope it does you too (Luke 5:1-11).

Are we willing to leave our safe shores to "put out into deep water" so that Jesus can direct, humble and amaze us into being closer followers of Jesus?

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