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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Today I'm full of 'angst'. No, I'm not reverting to being a teenager (fun as that would be!): I'm frustrated that life continues and the Church generally stops and has a picnic while people are falling apart and crying out for the love of God (although they often can't articulate that's their need!).

I found myself walking this morning and I was trying to pray for my Church and my town. I coulod not articulate the words I felt in my spirit. All I could pray was "RRRRRghhhh!!!" Not a brilliant prayer I must admit, but I just felt that words are not enough. Could it be that this is the Lord's prayer for his Church today? Indeed, the Spirit groans in prayer on behalf of the Church (read Romans 8).

I commited my life to god 15 years ago (I'd been in Church much longer than that, but it was then that the proverbial penny dropped!) and i told god I would do anything for him (he deserves no less!). My heart yearnns and longs with love to see the Church arise with power - to be a revolutionary force in the community, town and world.

A spiritual revolution will only come through spiritual angst. May God fill our hearts with prayers that are felt rather than uttered. May God stir us up to take the sword of the spirit and boldly proclaim it without fear of offense. May god fire us up with the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. May we throw ourselves on the most revolutionary god-man that ever was. May we follow Jesus into righteous revolution!

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