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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Following Jesus is an adventure!! Oh yes, and adventures are fabulous...

...to watch!

But participating in an adventure is a whole different ball-game. you see, to be in an adventure is to experience the exhileration of the highs and to know implicitly to lows as well.

Too many of us Christians have preached and been told that following Jesus is the adventure of a lifetime that will transforn our lkives so that we will ne 'set free' from anything that's negative. This message sounds great - it's good news - but it's not the message Jesus taught. One only has to look at the gospels to see that Jesus taught a hard gospel.

"Take up your cross and follow me"
"In this life you will face hardships"
"Count the cost"

These are just a few examples of Jesus' claim that following him would not be easy. Read Paul's account of his life. for the sake of the Gospel he was beaten, shipwrecked, attacked by bandits, forsaken by other believers, imprisoned, martyred! The bible does not teach that a life of faith in Jesus Christ will be easy, but it does say that it is possible. Following jesus takes guts, perseverance and character - a character that he builds within us on the way.

Are you experiencing the rugged side of following Jesus? Fix your eyes on him. Are you tired and burdened? Throw your burdens on him. He's with you now. He see your struggles and he's cheering you on. Run the race with perseverance and see the prise of knowing him more now and being with him in eternity. So, fix your eyres on Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of your faith. He's with you leading, guiding and working to see you finish following well.

Blessings in Christ to you all.

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