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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

trees that kill?!!

Thought I'd write a bit of meaningless drivel - just waiting for stuff to print off cos I got a meeting in a wee while. Just thinking how much paper I get through in a week printing like this. Thing is I need to print the stuff. Imagine if trees could tell what we do to them (maybe they can!!) - but imagine they wanted to get their revenge. Makes you want to not walk in forests - might never get out!!

What if your heart was the printer? Huh!

Well imagine every thought you had was printed out the top of your head on that weird hole-ridden printer paper - how freaked would you be? I'd be dying!! Imagine everyone knowing exactly what you think...about them, the world and everything? We'd have no mates!

Thing is, God sees it all so clearly - he knows the deepest, most scummy thoughts we can have - and he still says "I love you guys cos I'm your father God. I'll always love you cos I know you fully".

It strikes me that God is not striking me (down dead for the state of my heart!) - must mean he really does love us.

Worth thinking about, don't you think?!

See you, Stu

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