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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

blog changed

Well the time has come for transition. Missional Revolution has moved! I can now be found at:


Please feel free to change any settings so thast you don't miss out on up and coming posts - I'll be focusing on:

- Missional living
- Exploring what church means in today's culture
- Prayer on a noisy planet
- The usual devotional things you're used to hearing from me.

I really appreciate that you take time to visit/follow the blog and pray that it continues to be a source of blessing/encouragement/challenge and meaty thought-stirring stuff. you are the reason I blog!

See you at www.missionalrevolution.wordpress.com

With every blessing in Jesus



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Anonymous said...

Узнал много. Спасибо

stublog said...

Very strange seeing a photo of another stuart mc cormack, i have never seen one before!