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Monday, March 3, 2008

Make a difference

The riverbed was dry - bone dry. there hadn't been a drop of rain in months. Life was struggling to survive and it looked like there would be no hope.

A single whiite cloud floated across the clear blue sky above. As it gazed down from it's vantage point its heart began to break and a tear rolled down its cloudy cheek and fell upon the arid river-bed.

"What can I do?" sobbed the cloud with the broken heart, "I am one cloud and I cannot make a difference: it's so unfair!"

Another cloud rolled up and saw that the small white cloud was crying. "What's making you sad little cloud?" asked the second cloud.

"The river is drying and life is dying and there seems to be no hope", cried the little white cloud.

The second cloud looked down and saw the situation. He also began to weep for the world below as he moved slowly away in the breeze.

"Does no one care?" thought the little white cloud as his heart was torn and the tiny tears grew in intensity. He began to weep so profusely that he did not see the second cloud return with a crowd of clouds. The crowd looked down and their hearts were also torn. they all began to weep at the situation. Their tears fell heavy upon the land below.

the little cloud opened his tear-stained eyes and saw a marvelous sight. A multutude of crying clouds poured out their hearts on the ground below. The river was filling. Animals becan creeping towards the river bed. Life began to move.

The little white cloud cried all the more at this hopeful sight: tears not of sadness but of joyful delight. There can be hope when even the smallest is moved with compassion.

Will we be moved?

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